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Why hire a designer? Don't fully understand what we do or where we can add value to your project? How much does it cost? See these FAQ's to see if I can help, or contact me and I would love to answer your questions.

Why hire an Interior Designer?

I will work with you to create a home that you will adore and that others will be seriously jealous of! I will also save you time and money on poor decisions, such as awkward layouts, poor quality products and colour miss haps! I'll show you a 3D of your space meaning you can see your vision come to life before making a huge financial commitment. I will get the ball rolling on that project that you keep talking about! I add calm to decision making and hold your hand along the way. I also have exclusive discounts with numerous suppliers, meaning sometimes hiring me AND having your dream space is cheaper than going solo (yes really!)

I'm also very nice and promise to make the experience pretty exciting :)

Need some more convincing? Read this great article on Houzz


How much does it cost?

The question on everyones minds - unfortunately it's tricky to answer. (sorry!) Every space is unique, as is the help required to make it happen. I love to talk so please call to talk through your individual project or send me an email and I will send a more detailed questionnaire.

My E-design service is a budget package option and starts from just £400 but I also offer individually priced services. See the services page.


How does it work?

Every project is completely different, but to get the ball rolling I would usually have a call with you and ask that you fill out a quick email questionnaire. I would then pay a visit, or review any existing plans and photos via email. We will then start the process.

A set of mood boards and initial ideas will be sent over for your review. This would then be followed by CAD plans, 3D visuals, digital or physical material samples, furniture and accessories options and any joinery drawings, elevations, electrical & lighting plans. All of this will come in stages for you to discuss and 'approve' before more work is done. Once the design is agreed, finalised versions of everything will be put together in a package with estimated costs which can then be sent out to contractors for costing and build. If you have hired me to advise along the way then I would also be involved in the build process. 


What happens if I don't like what you design?

Design is a collaborative and in depth process and ultimately you are in control. My aim is to tap into your style so that your home reflects your personality and needs. Before we get to the point of design, there will be a discussion and a questionnaire to really hone down your personal style. That will then be translated into an initial mood-board for you to 'sign off'. From that point I will try to stick to this brief as closely as possible and there will be multiple stages for us to review the work together along the way to ensure that you absolutely love the finished outcome!


I had plans done by an architect, but I'm unsure if it's what I want. Can you help?

Sure! Often architect's work alongside interior designers to ensure a well rounded project outcome! Interior designers look from the inside out and can often spot when something on the exterior may not necessarily offer the best solution inside; such as a window positions that won't allow for good furniture placement. I am happy to review drawings and provide advice or act as a sounding board!


I finished my room but it's lacking something. Do you offer a styling service?

Yes! I can offer art specification, advice and specifications of soft furnishings, and accessories. I can either provide a 'visual shopping list' or purchase these items on your behalf and install and style them in your home!


Let's Work Together

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