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Busting Interior Design Myths

True or false? : Interior Designers make projects more expensive.


False! - Designers know where to shop for affordable luxury. They understand how to create that look for less and where to focus the spending in your project for maximum impact. Mixing an ikea lamp with a luxury shade to create that designer look is our forte!

  • They help you to avoid costly mistakes such as a colour that you hate, a dining table that's too large or even a partition wall that's just a few feet in the wrong place.

  • Working with an interior designer means that you will get access to their exclusive trade discounts. These usually range from 10-20%, which especially on big ticket items like sofas, will help hugely with your costs.

  • Getting an interior designer involved early on in a project (particularly larger ones) can save some serious cash. Being involved in project drawings before a build project goes to tender, means that all of those small details that a builder wouldn't typically cost for - are accounted for from the off. Brass light switches will work out much cheaper if they are costed at the beginning of a project, rather than half way through when the builder has already bought white plastic and installed the wrong back boxes!

  • Lastly, there are designers out there to suit all budgets. Do your research and don't be afraid to make contact and schedule a no-obligation call. You will be surprised to find that budgeting and helping you stick to it, is our speciality. 


So - if you're thinking "whats next?" head over to my contact details below and get in touch for a free discovery call. 

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